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Enhancing air-cooled chiller performance with evaporative ...

Apr 29, 2018 Kaltra’s latest generation air-cooled and free cooling chillers with integrated E•VAP™ evaporative cooling system demonstrate all the benefits of hybrid cooling concept. E•VAP™ system is based on the corrugated, water-retaining aluminium evaporative pads whose key advantages over cellulose-based evaporative media are: Depending upon ...

Chillers - Trane

Ascend Air-Cooled Chiller with Integrated Free Cooling. At a Glance: Capacity Range: 150 to 550 tons. Refrigerant: R-134a. Compressor Design: Helical rotary screw. Energy Efficiency Rating (EER): IPLV: 19.7-21.6. Enabled by Symbio 800 unit controller. Integrated Free-cooling option.

MultiPRO CORE Central Plant Controller - Multistack

Central Plant Controller. Building on the success of MultiPRO 2.0, Multistack is announcing MultiPRO CORE – a low cost, high feature chiller plant control system. Incorporating the trusted and proven control algorithms of MultiPRO 2.0 with a light weight yet informative HTML5 user experience, MultiPRO CORE is the ideal control system for ...

Multistack Chiller Products Suppliers Engineering360

Cryogenic Chiller, -100C Cooling Cools up to 20kW at -90 C. The Thermonics Cryo Chiller use liquid nitrogen (LN2) for rapid, precise cooling. The small (64x22x28) chiller circulates heat transfer fluid with precise, +-1.0 C accuracy and ultra-low temperature (-100.0 C) .

Modular Air Cooled Scroll (Heat Pump) Chiller - Multistack ...

Description. The MSRA-E Series shrunk the MSRA Series down to 18 tons and 36 tons per module (R407C) and is capable of up to 16 modules per bank. It utilities the same technology but allows for further flexibility to match your needs. Product Brochure.

Water Cooled Chiller Multistack Thailand

FLOODED WATER COOLED OIL-FREE CENTRIFUGAL CHILLER. ... Mix-match modules to provide up to 1400 tons of cooling in a single array. Modular water-cooled MagLev chiller with oil-free, magnetic levitation bearings in a centrifugal compressor. ... MULTISTACK THAILAND. [email protected] 095-947-9000. S.N.T. Building, 6 Soi Raevadee 7, Tiwanon Rd ...

FlexSys/Optix Controllers - Multistack -

Inefficient operation of cooling towers, pumps and valves will all decrease the efficiency of the overall chiller plant. The FlexSys Chiller Controller was introduced a few years ago and through its real-time chiller management technology it showed Multistack Engineers just how inefficiently buildings were being controlled.

Anybody have bad experience with Multistack (Trane ...

Jul 22, 2012 The multi stack is already in place and started up buy Trane about 6 weeks ago. Two ruptured heat exchangers already. Sand filter on system that fiters sub micron. Water looks clear, but when pulling down chiller to get to heat exchanger, red thick slim in the strainers. Just on a fact finding mission.

Anybody have bad experience with Multistack (Trane ...

Mar 20, 2009 Did cooling load calcs, and im at 200 Tons. I am going to propose to the client we change the centravac to R-123, add in emergency ventilation, and add one 70 Ton scroll multistack with a pump. The only drawback is that the old centravac will still cycle on/off, but i will be able to capture the shoulder season cooling demands.

Multistack chillers? - HVAC-Talk: Heating Air ...

May 11, 2014 The chillers were set when the building was open, and then built around. Absolutely no way to get them in or out and to put them anywhere else would be a piping nightmare. The only reason we're looking into multistack is because of weight and having a redundant module. 05-06-2014, 06:28 PM #5. cfohl34.

Multistack Maglev Chiller with Flexsys Control

May 17, 2021 This Flexsys controller is in command of the vfd's for the chilled and condenser pumps, the condenser and chilled water bypass valves and the tower fan. Whenever the outdoor ambient is 18 or below, the compressors cycle like crazy and the alarms and faults increase.

MTW MF SERIES Modular Flooded Oil-free ... - Multistack

Modular Flooded Water Cooled Oil-Free Centrifugal Chiller 6 VWF - VARIABLE WATER FLOW (Optional) The applications below are for MTW-MFV series only. For model selection, please consult your local MULTISTACK. MTW-MV The oil-free centrifugal chillers are designed for variable water flow, which not only change cooling capacity but also adjust

Multistack Intl LTD.

Multistack Int'l LTD. Modular Oil-Free Centrifugal Water Cooled Chillers. Capacity range 315 to 2104 kW. • High efficiency oil free Turbocor centrifugal compressor (s) • Compact Modules only 880mm wide, fits through most doorways and lifts. • Flexibility to add another module in the future.

Modular Solutions Air-Cooled - Multistack

Multistack invented the water-cooled modular chiller with a view to solving a very specific problem nearly 30 years ago. Since that time we’ve perfected the modular concept making it a powerful, yet elegant solution for a wide variety of applications challenges including air-cooled applications in need of a unique solution: Airstack.

MVSW Series - Multistack

Multistack MVSW series water cooled VSD screw chillers are of packaged design. Main parts include screw refrigeration compressor, variable speed drive (VSD) on compressor, shell and tube condenser, falling film evaporator (optional flooded …

Multistack LLC - LinkedIn

Multistack, LLC. 2,383 followers. 2w. Report this post. Multistack Sales School 2022 schedule is here! These classes enable you to review the product line, tour the factory, learn application ...

ASP X Chiller Modules - New Used Chillers Cooling ...

National Electric Code (NEC). Applied voltage to all Multistack chillers must be 10% of the unit’s nameplate voltage. The vol tage imbalance between phases must not exceed 2%. According to NEMA Standard MG-1-1998, a 2% voltage imbalance will cause a current imbalance of 6 to 10 time s the voltage imbalance.

Oil-Free Centrifugal Chillers - Cooling Best Practices

Profile: Smardt Oil-Free Centrifugal Chillers. Smardt’s 120,000 sq ft facility in Montreal houses the Group’s global headquarters as well as the production base for North American and 60 Hz oil-free centrifugal chiller production. Production operations are closely integrated with those at Smardt’s Plattsburgh, New York facility two hours ...

Water Cooled Flooded Chiller - Surplus Group

redundancy and serviceability for oil free chiller technology. Simply put…MagLev flooded chillers bring high-definition clarity to a confused world. With over 20 years of successfully designing, patenting and producing industry leading modular chillers, the development team at Multistack set out on an extensive 2 year project.

Air Cooled Oil-Free Centrifugal Chiller - Multistack Malaysia

Starting from 80 tons to 300 tons, the air cooled oil-free centrifugal chiller is capable of producing an unexceptionally high coefficient of performance (COP) and able to …

MULTISTACK - Texas Used Chillers New Used Chillers ...

Texas Used Chillers offers new and re-manufactured air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, cooling-towers, and pumps for sale. As well the technical know-how and support before, during, and after the sale. Contact Us for more information. North Texas Office: Dan @ 817-966-5350 South Texas Office: Mike @ 210-413-3333

MULTISTACK ASP Air Cooled Chiller Installation ...

Texas Used Chillers offers new and re-manufactured air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, cooling-towers, and pumps for sale. As well the technical know-how and support before, during, and after the sale. Contact Us for more information. North Texas Office: Dan @ 817-966-5350. South Texas Office: Mike @ 210-413-3333. Product Guides. Testimonials.


The Multistack chiller provides chilled water to an external load based off of the return water temperature to the Multistack master control. When the Entering Chilled Water sensor sends the signal to the master control that cooling is needed, compressors will begin to start and produce chilled water. The point at which the

Water-Cooled Modular Chillers Product Data Catalog

TO COOLING TOWER FROM COOLING TOWER FLOW SWITCH Supplied and installed by others 3-WAY CONDENSER BY-PASS VALVE Supplied and installed in ... MULTISTACK CHILLER FS Sample Piping Drawings SP SP. 9 Water-Cooled Modular Chillers Standard Modules (Constant Flow Design) Dimensions (No Panels)

MVSW Series - Multistack

We are the creator and advocator of energy efficient chillers and the pioneer of oil-free technology in refrigeration industry. ... Multistack’s new generation of MS One programmable control system not only provides the most ... Multistack Water Cooled VSD Screw Chiller 2 ——Cooling Capacity Code 3 —— Refrigerant Type: E: R134a 4 ...

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