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Coolant chillers are essential to your machining operation. Metalworking fluids must be maintained at a constant and correct temperature for your application to ensure you produce consistent high-quality parts. ... ATS Systems is a national leading machine tool accessories and automation supplier delivering reliable solutions with unwavering ...

CoolJet High Pressure

CoolJet UltraFlex . The CoolJet UltraFlex is the perfect high-pressure coolant system for your machine tool. The UltraFlex can be ordered with fixed or automatic variable volume, and single or variable pressure settings. The UltraFlex has two high-pressure outlets as a standard with up to 8 available, with a range of 300 psi to 3000 psi (20 Bar to 210 Bar) of pressure.

Machine Tool Elite Filtramaq Cooling Systems - Coolant ...

Elite FILTRAmaq cooling systems keep the temperature of your coolant stable, which enhances the tolerance of your machine. This optimization of coolant use helps to decreases wheel wear. The problem with centralized filtration systems is that all of your machines are dependent on the functionality of the filtering system they are connected to.

Coolant Chiller - ChipBLASTER

Feb 21, 2018 34000 BTU (10KW) Chiller Hot Coolant causing issues in your process? How does high pressure work? Longer tool life, higher production The D Line Advantage Fixed Volume, 1000 PSI (70 BAR) 8 GPM (30 L/MIN) Introduction to SwissBLASTER High pressure coolant for screw machines. Up to 8 outlets and available up to 3000 PSI (210 BAR) …

Coolant Oil Chillers Capital Filtrations Inc

High-Quality American Made Coolant Oil Chillers. Capital Filtrations Inc offers a complete line of oil and coolant chillers for many applications not limited to Machine Tool Coolants and Oils, Medical Equipment, Linear Motors, Hydrostatic Bearings, Lasers, X-Ray Equipment, EDM, High-Speed Spindles, and Hydraulics.

Machine Tool Chillers Spindle Cooling Systems

IBAG Machine Tool Chillers Cooling Systems. Features: Small high speed spindles are cooled by air flow and using machine bracket as heat sink. Larger high speed spindles require an external cooling system to remove excess heat. Precision chiller system includes pump, tank, refrigeration unit and controls. Temperature control is critical to ...

Coolant Chillers - ASM

Kwangrim NANOCON Coolant Chiller CIC 1101 High precision temperature control refrigerant-type coolant chiller T... Request a Quote Add to Wishlist Kwangrim NANOCON Coolant Chiller CIC 1501 High precision temperature control deposition-type coolant chiller Th... Request a Quote Add to Wishlist Kwangrim NANOCON Coolant Chiller CIC 2201

Machine Tool Coolant -

machine tool operation, and in the cleaning and cooling of grinding wheels. For nearly 40 years, Hydra-Cell has proved itself in a wide range . of applications. Featuring a seal-less design, it is ideally suited for pumping machine tool coolant at high pressure. Screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, and multi-piston pumps cannot

COOLANT CHILLERS Models For Sales Auctions Wanted ...

Machine Types like Horizontal Machining Centers Specific Models like Haas VF-1 Companies like Brands; COOLANT CHILLERS; COOLANT CHILLERS. Brand No Longer Made. Brand. COOLANT CHILLERS. Used Listing 1; Models No Longer Made 2; Email this brand to an Associate. Brand. COOLANT CHILLERS. Find .

High Pressure Coolant Systems - ChipBLASTER

Medium and High-Pressure Coolant Systems, Mist Collection, Coolant Chillers, Filtration Systems, Oil Skimmers, and Cyclone Filtration. We supply products that increase machine tool efficiency, provide cleaner working conditions and create longer lasting cutting fluids. Below are just a few of the services that we provide:

High Pressure Coolant Chillers - MP Systems

MP Systems Coolant Chillers are build specifically for the harsh environments of the CNC machining industry. They're intended for use with any machining application where an increase in coolant or machine tank temperature could cause problems holding tight tolerances. HIGH AND MED. PRESSURE ACCESSORIES BENEFITS

Combination Oil Coolant Chillers - ASM

Oil Coolant Chillers. Kwangrim Co.,Ltd. is well-known in the Korean market for supplying Korean machine tool companies. Kwangrim manufactures the best quality hydraulic systems, which are pivotal to machine operation, and high-precision temperature-control systems for machines tools which strengthen precision machining capability and machine ...

Machine Tool Chillers - Dimplex Thermal Solutions

One chiller does not fit all. Our machine tool equipment can be customized to meet your needs. Maintain 50 to 90F coolant temperature Available in 1/8 to 60-ton sizing Water- or air-cooled, remote condensers and split systems Heat exchange packages and cleanable heat exchangers Energy saving option for lower temperature climates

Coolant Coolers Fluid Chillers Precision Spindle ...

Our application engineers specialize in the selection or design of cooling systems for specific customer applications. They are familiar with your applications and our equipment. Call 519-671-3911, or click [email protected] or Contact Us in the footer below or the header above for more information!

Coolant Chiller - Dimac

Our chillers can be interfaced with a machine tool or can operate as a standalone accessory. CoolJet chillers can be sized for varying cooling capacities (24,000btu – 60,000btu), can be ordered for oil or coolant, and can include a feeder pump or not. CoolJet offers installation kits that include all necessary items for a complete chiller ...

Coolant Chillers - Cool Jet Systems - PDF Catalogs ...

Reduce thermal growth Eliminate production interruptions for offset adjustments Reduce out-of-tolerance or scrapped parts Reduce evaporation and extend coolant life Continuously filter your coolant mm CoolJet's Chiller product can help you get the most from your prcision machine tool !!! Onboard high-efficiency filter # Chiller capabilities ...

Coolant Equipment SMC Corporation of America

SGH, Valves Coolant – 2/3 Port Valve, High Pressure. The SGH 2 port high pressure coolant valve for coolant liquid (up to 3MPa/7MPa) is ideal for lubrication, dust blowing and cooling. It is available as solenoid and air operated the flow rate ranges from Cv of 1.8 to 6.5.

Coolant Chiller - TRUPRO-TEC Industrial Co. Ltd.

The uses of coolant chillers is to maintain the cooling water at a steady temperature, thus to keep the machine working stable. TRUPRO-TEC has been accumulated years of experience in providing metalworking machines and peripherals, like cooling chiller.

Is the machine operator required to check ... - MP Systems

these stoppages it is probable that the machine tool has cooled down enough during the stoppage to effect part size. Using a coolant chiller to keep the machine tool operating close to ambient temperature will help prevent size changes during stoppages. 3. Customer is making long cycle time parts from high value blanks.

Coolant Chiller Fluid Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier In ...

This kind of coolant chillers designed and made by TopChiller mainly serves the following industries: Laser processing machine, machine tool, medical CT and MRI, food and beverage, chemical, heat treat, filtration, semi-conductor, welding process, vapor degreasing, power generation, or the dry cleaning machine.

CNC Cooling CNC Water Chiller Manufacturer and Supplier ...

TopChiller can design and manufacture all types of CNC chillers / CNC cooling systems. Cooling capacity 0.5 KW to 48 KW. Temperature control 7℃ to 25℃. Temperature stability up to 0.5℃. High-quality durable compressor. Compact designhigh cooling efficiency. PID temperature controller. Easy installation and operation.

2 Port Valve for Machine Tool Coolant SMC Corporation of ...

VNC (Air Operated), Process Valve for Coolant. The VNC series is for controlling the cutting oils and coolants used in machine tools. It is available as Normally Closed or Normally Open type. Air operated type. Orifice size: 7mm to 80mm. Port size: 1/8 to 2 inch.

Industrial Coolant Cooling Chillers - RPS Cooling UK

We boast a robust, no-nonsense specification, providing 24-7 dependable workhorses that give process coolant at constant temperature and pressure. Chiller formats are readily adaptable to best suit specific applications, so, dependant on your setup, RPS process cooling chillers can be customised to provide an exact fit for your requirements.


Werner Finley manufactures coolant chillers for various applications in the machine tool industry such as grinding machines and VMC’s . Water based emulsion cooling, neat cut oil chillers, and rolling and welding machines are among some of the other equipment that uses coolant chillers. Coolants are widely used in the metal cutting industry ...

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